House Washing: Brisbane, Gold Coast and Sunshine Coast

House Washing in Brisbane, Gold Coast and Sunshine Coast with No Travel Charge. For 22 years Blast About has been washing all types of large and small houses in Brisbane, Gold Coast and Sunshine Coast. A Bio degradable soft wash detergent and mould cleaner is used to safely clean all types of houses removing mould, cobwebs and grime build up. A house wash includes spraying up entire house with detergent soft washing, and rinsing away all residue. Included is gutter, facias, eaves, walls, window frames and window soft rinse. For a free quote or advise just give us a call.


Quality House Washing Service. Cleaning Large Luxury Properties removing mould and stains that others my leave behind.

Roof Cleaning

roof_ipswich_webWe are a professional roof cleaning company with insurance and training for safe washing of house and commercial building roofs. Tile Iron or heritage terracotta tiles. Call Paul to discuss any roof cleaning requirements.

Driveway Cleaning

Blast About can high pressure clean all driveway surfaces that have mould, heavy grime, oil and tire marks.

We also offer hot water blasting with our roto washing machine that cleans paved areas without removing all the bedding around the pavers that can make them loose. Sand Stone Cleaning Experts. For a free quote or advise just give us a call.

Outdoor Tile and Grout Cleaning

Cleaning Outdoor Tiles

Blast About can clean all outdoor areas at your house specialising in tile and grout cleaning, removing unwanted stains, rust, wood and white calcium stains from concrete, pavers, stone, tiles

Patios and Pool Areas

Do you have a slippery pool area, Patio, decks? Do you have unwanted weeds from between pavers. We clean all outdoor areas which include removing grease, mould and heavy grime.


What could pressure cleaning services do for you?

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