Concrete Cleaning and Degreasing in Brisbane, Gold Coast, Sunshine Coast

Concrete Cleaning and Degreasing Service in Brisbane, Gold Coast and Sunshine Coast with No Travel Charge. Professional high pressure water blasting service with hot water pressure washing, degreasing and chewing gum removal for car parks, driveways, loading docks and sand stone pavers, tiles or walk areas. 22 years experience as a reliable Pressure Cleaning Contractor for warehouses, commercial properties, shopping centres, car parks  and residential customers.

Concrete Cleaning

Blast About has been the chosen commercial concrete cleaning company for many large shopping centres, unit complexes, universities, and industrial buildings for the past 22 years. With experience in all kinds of hard surface cleaning, degreasing, chew gum and stain removal. Whether it is mould, oil, tyre marks, mineral stains, rust stains or just heavy pedestrian traffic stains contact Blast About first.

Slippery Car Park BEFORE

Slippery Car Park BEFORE


Like New AFTER

Loading Docks

Together with Car Park degreasing Blast About Specialise in Cleaning and Degreasing Loading Docks, Warehouses, trolley corridors, grease traps and around oil drums.

Degreasing Products

At Blast About we use our own quality degreasing products. Solvent based degreasers, water based degreasers and light degreasing detergents are used to remove oil, grease and tyre marks.


Loading Dock Before

Loading Dock Before

After Hot Water Pressure Cleaning

Chewing Gum Removal

Chewing Gum and Mould Removal Experts in Brisbane, Gold Coast and Sunshine Coast with No Travel Charge and 22 Years Experience.

Blast About are the experienced hot water, high pressure cleaners you call first for all concrete cleaning with chewing gum removal. Blast About completes this service for a number of shopping centres, commercial properties and houses in Brisbane, Gold Coast and Sunshine Coast. Removing chewing gum completes the job and makes ease of cleaning in the future. Chewing gum is removed from concrete walk areas, pavement, tile entries, bus stops and stone pavement.


Eating area before

Eating area before

Eating area after

Slippery Car Park BEFORE

Car Park Before


Car Park After

Removing Mould from Concrete, Tiles, Sand Stone & Pavers.

You will notice the difference if Blast About cleans your concrete, tiles, sand stone or pavers. Removing mould, grime and stains like white calcium stains, rust or wood stains.

What could pressure cleaning services do for you?

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